The mission of the Bling Productions is to create a harmonious, caring, joyful, creative and vibrant environment through organised activities. We are willing to disseminate this worldview in the society and the world to achieve our full potential as humans.


Bling Productions creates immersive experiences. We help with your vision and bring it to life. Whether it’s a workshop, a party, festival, adventure in the woods or a photo session on a tropical island, we are there to create something to remember for years to come. Some examples:

  • Management for client events, internal communication and promotional events.
  • Art and decorations. We design and build decorations for a party, an office or a café.
  • Musical and performance programs for events, including and especially extraordinary ones.
  • Rent of premises. See description of our venue below.
  • Art-car Travelling Hedghehog

    Art-car “Travelling Hedghehog”

    Burning Man 2019.

  • Stage for Psycherence

    Stage for Psycherence

    Psycherence is the Baltic’s biggest consciousness and psychedelics conference.

  • Bling festival

    Bling festival

  • Creative design for area “I Land Dream” at I Land Sound

    Creative design for area “I Land Dream” at I Land Sound, Estonia

    Collaboration between Bling and Club 911 crew.

  • Suure varesega pidu

    Private event

  • Art project “Sysimetsä”

    Art project “Sysimetsä”

    Collaboration with Layna Joy Rivas and the Landing Ravens Art Collective, Burning Man 2017, USA.

Creative Space Tallinn is an event venue located in the hidden corner of the very heart of Tallinn. We brought this space into life to create extraordinary experiences. This venue is different every time you visit it as it transforms into a different world of magic based on the theme of the event.


Bling Productions unites professional creative people with different skills. For each project, a team of people with the appropriate skills will be created to ensure the best outcome of the project.


Venue, program

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